Please note that at Acupuncture Works, most additional services such as cupping, gua sha or tuina are included with your acupuncture session at no additional charge. If you would like only an herbal consult, please see the price listing below. Times listed below are approximate and serve only as a guideline. If you require additonal information, please contact our office. 

Acupuncture - Initial Visit
​~1.5 Hours - $130

This includes your intake, a complete assessment of your concerns according to the methodology of Traditional Chinese medicine and a session of acupuncture. 


Acupuncture - Follow-up Visit
​~60 min - $85

Every acupuncture session after your first visit is considered a follow-up visit. We will discuss your progress and receive a session of acupuncture. 

Herbal Consult - First Visit
​~1 Hour - $105

If you do not want acupuncture, but you would like to try Chinese herbs, this visit includes a complete assessment and herbal recommendations. It does not include the cost of herbs.


Herbal Consult - Follow-up Visit

​~30 min - $50

This includes an assessment of your progress and additional herbal recommendations. It does not include the cost of herbs. 

Home Visits

Please call us for more information


Acupuncture home visits are reserved for those individuals who are unable, due to their medical condition, to visit our office for acupuncture. Andrea is proud to offer home visits to those who require additional support.

Hospital Visits

Please call us for more information


In some circumstances, hospitals will allow your Registered Acupuncturist to visit and provide acupuncture. No hospital visit is made unless all necessary permissions have been obtained in advance. 

Acupuncture Techniques and Moxabustion Explained
Your Registered Acupuncturist will select acupuncture techniques depending on your constitution and condition. 
Electroacupuncture involves attaching leads from an electroacupuncture machine to the handles of the acupuncture needles. The impulse sent through the machine helps increase the amount of stimulation your brain receives. You will feel a sensation similar to a pulse or heartbeat at the site where the needle has been inserted. Electroacupuncture is not unpleasant and many people fall asleep during their session. 
Scalp acupuncture involves angling needles into the hairline at specific locations. This technique is commonly used for neurological conditions and may be used on its own or in conjunction with other types of acupuncture. 
Ear acupuncture employs the use of small needles to stimulate points located in the ear. Ear acupuncture has been used very successfully to control pain and aid in the reduction of symptoms related to quitting an addiction. 
Moxabustion is a technique used to warm up acupuncture points using an herb called mugwort (artemesis vulgaris).
In order to keep you warm, we use infrared lamps. Ask your Registered Acupuncturist for more information and if any of these techniques might be suitable for your condition.
Other Services



Although there are many different kinds of cupping, most commonly, this healing technique employs the use of glass cups to create suction on the skin. 


Gua Sha


Gua Sha is a scraping technique that uses a rounded edge tool to cause friction against the skin. This ancient technique can be very useful for a variety of conditions. For more information visit the webpage of Arya Neilsen here






Tuina is a style of Chinese massage that includes pressing, rolling and persussive hand techniques. At Acupuncture Works!, we do not offer full sessions of tuina, but we include some tuina techniques during acupuncture sessions when appropriate.



Diet and Lifestyle recommendations


Traditional Chinese medicine places emphasis on diet, food choice and lifestyle as the cause and cure for disease. Stress reduction techniques, meditation and Qigong are important lifestyle choices that can benefit your heart and mind.