Integrated Traditional

We offer all Traditional Chinese Medicine services including acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, tui na massage and Chinese herbology. We believe in an integrated, multi-disciplinary care approach and we are honoured to work with our clients as they heal and remember their essential nature.


Most often, the services you require will be included in the price of your initial or follow up acupuncture visit. We only ask that you budget to stay a little longer on days when you anticipate that you will need additional modalities such as cupping or gua sha.


Please note that if you choose to include Traditional Chinese herbology in your care, most often your consultations are included with your acupuncture visits, but the cost of herbs will be extra and depend on what your practitioner helps you select. 

House calls are available to our clients at the same price as in-office acupuncture sessions, but due to Andrea's teaching schedule, home visits will be limited to only those in need.